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The NorCal Protests, Appeals, and Discipline process manages all issues related to violations of the NorCal Handbook and Code of Ethics, as well as Red Card suspensions.  To report a violation to NorCal Premier, please fill out the incident report form located in the menu on the left.  Incident reports can only be filed by Club Presidents, Directors of Coaching/ Technical Directors, and Referees.

PAD Process

NorCal has made changes to the Incident and Send Off Reporting for all NorCal Premier Soccer events.  To submit a report you will need to log in with your club information to ensure that the proper role within the club is submitting the report.  Each club will be notified of a report involving their club in the ‘Club’ tab of their GotSoccer account.  The master account holder for the club will also be notified via email.  Once notified, each club has 48 hours to respond to the report via the GotSoccer system, where clubs can leave comments and attach any supporting documents.  Rulings will be made from within the system and posted to the club accounts.

Once an incident report has been filed, it will be directed to the appropriate NorCal personnel for review.  In addition, any club named in an incident report will be notified of the report and be given a 48 hour period to respond before NorCal rules on the issue.  Incident reports relating to violations of the NorCal Code of Ethics will be reviewed by the NorCal PAD Committee following a 48 hour comment period.  Send Off Reports and reports relating to unlicensed referees will be investigated by the NorCal Referee Coordinator and presented to the PAD Committee for a ruling.  All reports relating to game protests, scheduling, or communications issues will be reviewed by the NorCal Competitions Committee.  As with all incident reports, clubs will be given 48 hours to respond to any incident report filed against them before NorCal makes a ruling.

Game Protest Process

NorCal has made a change to the Game Protest process.  Instead of being managed through the current PAD Incident Report system, protesting a game must now be submitted directly to the Competitions Department through the Game Protest Form.  Game protests can be submitted by a coach or manager, but must include:

  • A picture or copy of the game card
  • Specific reasoning for the protest related to a specific rule violation from the NorCal Handbook

Game Protest forms must be received by the Tuesday following the game weekend at 9 am.  Once received the appropriate Event Coordinator will review and communicate with both teams to gather all applicable information about the game.  The Coordinator will then make a ruling on the game in accordance with NorCal rules outlined in the Handbook.  This ruling will be communicated to both teams via the Game Protest Form and email as needed.

Clubs may appeal Game Protest decisions through the Game Protest Appeal form.  Game Protest Appeals may only be submitted by Club Directors or Presidents, and include a $100 fee.  This fee will be refunded if the appeal is approved and the original decision is overturned.  Appeal will be heard by the Competition Committee, which is made up of the Director of Competitions along with two other Event Coordinators.