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NPL Membership


The NorCal National Premier League (NPL) is an open league consisting of designated NPL clubs and Wild Cards. NPL clubs consist of clubs that have met competition, technical/coaching, administrative, disciplinary, and player production standards over several years of NorCal membership.

The benefits of becoming an NPL club include:

  • Automatic acceptance at the entry level for NPL (U14 for non-DA Boys and U15 or U16 for partial DA Boys)
  • Automatic acceptance into the NPL Qualification Summer League
  • Reduced NPL and State Cup fee
  • Attendance and input at NPL DOC meetings
  • Use of NorCal NPL logo on club website
  • NPL Logo on uniforms


A club can be considered an NPL club in the following 3 ways:

  • NPL Boys and Girls Club
  • NPL Boys Club
  • NPL Girls Club

New and current NPL clubs must meet the following criteria in order to remain or become an NPL club:

  • Competitive Quality
    • Must have 3 teams qualified for the NPL of a given gender to be an NPL club for that gender.
      • Current NPL clubs will be placed on probation for 1 season if they fall below the 3 team gender requirement to start the next NPL season. If by the following season the club does not qualify 3 NPL teams they will no longer keep NPL Club status in that gender.
      • For DA boys clubs that do not have full-DA status (ie U17 and U19) their U14 and U15 teams will count towards their 3 team requirement.
  • College Player Production
    • To keep NPL status for a specific gender, current NPL clubs must be placing a minimum of 5 players over 5 years into 4-year college soccer programs.
    • The new club’s clock will start once they are accepted as an NPL club.
  • Technical
    • Have a DOC with a USSF ‘B’ license or equivalent, a USSF ‘C’ working towards a ‘B’, or show commitment to improving the current license level on a yearly basis while also attending an annual “Norcal DOC Seminar”
      • If there is a DOC change the club will have 12 months to reach this requirement.
      • The club must have an average of a USSF C license (or equivalent) for their NPL teams. NPL coaches must meet the minimum of USSF D license requirement.
      • Must take part in the NPL club visit.
  • Administrative
    • The club must have attendance at 2 mandatory NPL in-person meetings a year.
    • Club must have no lower than 80% rating on Game Day Items
    • Club must have no more than 20% of games with a Poor referee rating
    • Club must have no more than 20% of games with a Poor field rating
        1. For b, c and d if the club falls below the requirement in one category, the club will be placed on probation for 1 year and must meet the rating for the next year.
  • Sportsmanship
    • Clear policy of expected behavior of all club members
    • Must pass a PAD review process
    • Absolutely no incidents of violence towards referees or spectators

A club may apply to become an NPL club at any time by filling out the NPL Club Pre-Application to make sure the club meets the NPL club requirements. A club that does not meet the requirements will not be considered. If your club meets the above criteria please fill out the NorCal NPL Pre-Application

Once a club meets the above criteria, NorCal Premier’s NPL Club Committee will meet with and further evaluate the club.



Wild Cards are teams from non-NPL clubs and are still eligible to participate in the NorCal NPL by winning the State Premier Championship division (U14-U17), qualifying via the NPL Qualification Event (U13-U17), or making the NorCal State Cup Finals (U13-U17) in the highest Cup division.

Wild Card teams that qualify still must meet the following standards for participation:
  • Club must have an average of a USSF C license (or equivalent) for their NPL teams. NPL coaches must meet the minimum of USSF D license requirement.
  • Must meet all Game Day set up, referee, and field ratings defined under Administrative NPL Club Standards.
  • Must meet all Sportsmanship NPL Club Standards.
We reserve the right, at any time in our sole discretion, to: modify, suspend or deny membership into the NorCal NPL with or without notice. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any rejection, suspension, or discontinuance of your membership should we deem such appropriate.