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Super Rec Membership

NorCal Super Rec Membership is an entry-level membership for clubs that traditionally provide internal recreational programming.


Upon receipt of a Super Rec Club Membership Application, NorCal Premier’s Competition Committee (the Committee) will evaluate club applications using the following objective and subjective measures. Based on that evaluation the Committee will make a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors (the Board) and the Board may accept or deny Club Membership at their sole discretion.


1) Review all information about applying on our website make sure to watch the informational webinar at the bottom.
2) US Club Soccer sanctioning (you do not need to register players or teams at this time, just be accepted as a member club)
3) Submit the online application & required attachments
4) Club call w/ NorCal Competitions Committee staff member to review process
5) Review of application by NorCal Competitions Committee & recommendations sent to Board of Directors
6) Membership decisions by NorCal Premier Board of Directors
7) Accepted clubs sign NorCal Premier sanctioning agreement


Clubs applying for membership can submit applications until July 31, 2024.

The NorCal Premier Competition Committee and the NorCal Premier Board of Directors reserve the right to evaluate applications from clubs in strategic growth areas outside of the stated application window.