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Sample Meeting Agenda

Sample Meeting Agenda

Audience: All Teams Players, Coaches and Parents

Discuss why the team is having a Sportsmanship meeting for NorCal Premier Games.

Discuss sportsmanship – why is it important to sports and life:

Have the team provide some examples of poor sportsmanship

  • Ask a player for an example of players bad mouthing opponents
  • Ask the coach for an example of complaining to referee
  • Ask a parent for an example of a parent complaining to opponent parents
  • It is important that all parents understand they are under the control of their team and Club. Clubs can also be sanctioned if there is evidence that the club is negligent of managing sportsmanship ideals within their teams.

Let your team know that the language of soccer is universal. Un-sportsmanship comments in any language will not be tolerated:

It is important that all players, parents and coaches understand that the use of foul language, “trash talking” and racist comments will not be tolerated. Coaches and managers need to put an end to this type of uncivil behavior.  Referees will “red card” players who use foul language or use abusive language towards other players.

Discuss Respect:

Your opponents, your opponents’ coach, your opponents’ families and friends, and referees should be respected. The more un-sportsmanship the game becomes the less FUN we all have.  A major concern of NorCal Premier Soccer is parent behavior that is abusive, threatening or provocative towards the other team or the referees.  NorCal has “zero tolerance” for this type of behavior and, after a hearing, will eliminate teams from NorCal events when parents behave in this manner. Managers, coaches, teams and Clubs are the “first line of defense” to maintain a civil and wholesome atmosphere at every game. Please do not “suffer in silence’. Norcal investigates every reported incident of poor sportsmanship!

Don’t bend your own high standards and values:

Educate those who have not had the advantage of learning and living higher standards. Consider talking to your team at the end of the game and then meeting the other coach for a friendly discussion of how the players perceived the game. A key idea is that the opponents will help make you a better player and your team a better team. They are not enemies, but friends helping everyone improve!

Discuss Consequences:

Teams that do not uphold sportsmanship deals may have game(s) forfeited and/or be removed from the competition and/or be denied entry to future NorCal Premier events.