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Outreach Program

Program Mission

NorCal Premier’s program to reach out to selected clubs with a passionate player pool and soccer community in order to assist them in developing their club vision, governance, administrative, and technical structure to a higher level.

Areas of Work

Over a 10-12 month process, our staff of experienced coaching directors work with clubs in the following areas…

  • Vision
    • Mission, vision, core values, operating principles
    • Defining short & long-term organization goals
  • Governance
    • Board of Directors, Volunteers management strategies
    • PAD process, Legal needs, Financial structure
    • External relations strategy & representation
  • Administrative
    • Club administrative structure
    • Website, communications, marketing
    • Refereeing, fields, uniforms, equipment
  • Technical Structure
    • Coach development/education
    • Club player development curriculum
    • DOC development

Program Details

  • Outreach work is done by one of NorCal’s Outreach Consultants – all are highly experienced & licensed Directors of Coaching.
  • The consulting process takes approximately 10 months.
  • There is no fee to clubs participating in the Outreach Program. Funding is provided by NorCal Premier through apparel sales & other fundraising.
  • Clubs qualify for the Outreach Program through various factors such as community demographics, organizational capacity & operations.
  • Outreach is to help you be more successful and effective in running your club, both on and off the field. Our work is tailored to your club’s needs.
  • Main requirements of your club…
    • Consistent communications & follow-through with consultants
    • Willingness & desire to improve (we can all get better)
    • Follow-through on impact reporting (your feedback)

Participate in Outreach

If you believe your organization would benefit from NorCal’s Outreach Program, then please contact Andy Farrant with questions –