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  • Referee development to improve functioning at the highest levels of the game.
  • Training and development of referees at all levels of the NorCal Premier structure.
  • Continue training over 1,000 new referees annually to support our NorCal clubs by sponsoring Entry Level Grade 8 Referee Clinics.
  • Continue our efforts to ensure that each NorCal club has a certified USSF referee assignor by sponsoring four regional assignor clinics each year.
  • Provide advanced Assistant Referees training and development clinics for NorCal Premier clubs referees.
  • Work with interested clubs to develop a solid referee program to meet the specific needs of the club.
  • Establish the second phase of our Mentoring Agenda by sending NorCal-trained mentors to select league and tournament matches to advance and further train our referees.


  • Support our current pool of top officials to achieve the FIFA status (Grade 1 and 2) and be chosen for 2030 World Cup.
  • Support our current pool of top officials to achieve the PRO status (Grade 3) and have NorCal referees officiate at MLS level by 2024.
  • Send a group of our top referees to top European tournaments such as Gothia, Paris World Games, and Dana Cup by 2020.
  • Continue sending our top referees to Development Academy College Showcases, Dallas Cup, Disney Cup International, and US Club NPL and Nationals.
  • Provide top level (Youth and Adult) games for State and National assessment requirements to continue advancing our top referees.