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For NorCal Membership Information Contact:

Rick Fullerton

[email protected]

NorCal Premier now offers 3 levels of Club Membership. Organizations new to NorCal can apply to become a Super Rec Club or a Member Club. Only Member Clubs in good standing can apply to become an NPL Club.

The levels are outlined here:

NorCal Super Rec Member Club
OverviewOur entry level for clubs that traditionally provide internal recreational programming.  
Benefits•Teams access to NorCal’s Super Rec competitions 

        (no individual team wild card promotion)

•Free or subsidized coaching education

•Club Development services

•Commercial benefits through NorCal partners

Minimum Technical Standards•Licensed Referee Assignor

•Licensed Referees

•Must have teams in Grassroots competitions

•Club Coaching Coordinator (NorCal to create profile & R&Rs)

Minimum Operations Standards•Club is a registered business or non-profit in CA

•Adherence to all NorCal & US Club regulations

•US Club Soccer sanctioning

•All teams part of the same legal entity

•Common club name & logo

•Practice & play in the same geographic area

•All players registered under same US Club account

•Website w/ basic club info

•Club contacts listed in GotSoccer

•Coaching Coordinator background clearance w/ US Club 

•Attendance at an annual NorCal Grassroots regional meeting


NorCal Member Club
OverviewOur standard level of membership for the majority of our clubs.  
BenefitsEverything for a Grassroots Member, plus…

•Access to all levels of NorCal competition (individual team wild card promotion to NPL)

•Voting rights (w/ minimum participation)

•Ability to recommend players to PDP

Minimum Technical StandardsEverything for a Grassroots Member, plus…

•All teams report to the same technical leadership (DOC/TD)

•DOC or TD with a minimum D License or equivalent

•All referees report to the same leadership structure

•Minimum of 3 teams in NorCal Competitive leagues

•Technical plan & curriculum for all teams

Minimum Operations StandardsEverything for a Grassroots Member, plus…

•Common & unique club uniform

•DOC background clearance w/ US Club Soccer

•Sufficient quality & access to game & practice fields

•Attendance at quarterly RAC & bi-annual all membership meetings

•Club bylaws


NorCal NPL Member Club
OverviewNorCal’s highest standard of competitive clubs.
BenefitsEverything for a NorCal Member, plus…

•Guaranteed spot at NPL entry level (U14)

•Automatic acceptance in Pre-NPL (U12-U13)

•Automatic acceptance in NPL Qualification Events

•Reduced NPL fee

Minimum Technical StandardsEverything for a NorCal Member, plus…

•DOC or TD with a minimum B License or equivalent

•Average of USSF C license for NPL coaches 

•Minimum of 3 teams of a given gender in NPL level of play

5 players in 5 years into 4 year college programs

Minimum Operations StandardsEverything for a NorCal Member, plus…

•NPL-standard game fields and referees

•Water, benches and  shade provided for home NPL matches

•Attendance at bi-annual NPL member meetings

•Must pass more stringent PAD review