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The NorCal Player Development Program identifies, develops, and showcases the top motivated and talented players in Northern California.




The objective of the Player Development Program is to

  • Identify motivated, talented players – with club assistance.
  • Assist clubs in the player development process.
  • Showcase and promote players to US Soccer’s National Teams and Training Centers, Professional Clubs, id2 and College Soccer programs.

 We achieve this by providing

  • A professional training and game environment.
  • Specialized training with experienced coaches – PDP staff and International coaches.
  • Games – International trips, National Tournaments, College Showcases and Regional showcases.
  • A homework and evaluation program.


The program is FREE for players.

The league funds the PDP program using part of team registration fees from NorCal Premier League events.

Player Selection

Regional Selection

  1. During the months of June and July, NorCal Premier sends out a letter to all Directors of Coaching (DOC’s) and coaches in a particular age group asking for recommendations of players. The recommendations can ONLY be made by DOC’s or Coaches.
  2. The DOC’s and/or coaches fill out the form and send it to NorCal Premier.
  3. NorCal Premier invites the players to tryout.
  4. NorCal Premier evaluates players and makes selections – Please note the number of players selected depends on the aim of the program or event (for more information see age group objectives below).

State Selection

Player needs to be scouted by PDP staff.

Player Profile

The NorCal PDP Player Profile is the foundation for our Talent Identification and Selection process for PDP. The Player Profile is composed of the 4 areas of NorCal Premier Player Development: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Personality (T2P2).

NorCal Player Qualities: T2P2

Technical: Continuous process of improvement of the following abilities:

  • Juggling
  • Dribbling: (running with ball, change direction, fake-feints)
  • Shooting
  • Passing: (Short and long)
  • Receiving
  • Tackling
  • Heading


  • Vision: Reads and understands the game and makes their own decisions (Tactical awareness)
  • Communication: (Audio and Visual Cues)
  • Proactive: Player takes initiative and expresses creativity


  • Motivation – A passion for  playing, training, and learning.
  • Respect – Teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, laws of the game and parents.
  • Accountability – Taking responsibility for their own development and performance.
  • Concentration – Focused and engaged during trainings and games.

Physical: The athletic ability to perform within the varying demands of the game.

  • Psycho-Motor – Basic movement skills, such as running and jumping.
  • Coordination – Ability to be in control of physical and mental decisions.
  • Conditioning – Maintaining a fitness level required to train and play the game at a high level.

Our Player Profile is used to select players who fit in with the NorCal Style of Play.

Our style of play is based on a proactive brand of soccer with an emphasis on controlling the match with possession of the ball while creating multiple chances to score. Defensive balance and security are encouraged with collective pressing and quick transition.

Player Values to support our PDP Vision:

  • The collective above the individual
  • Expression of talent through creativity
  • Passion
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Good attitude

NorCal values for Player Development:

We strive to create a positive learning environment for our players to reach their maximum potential, while helping develop healthy, upstanding citizens and family members, through honesty, discipline, courage, teamwork, tireless work ethic and humility.


U12/U13/U14 – Showcase events for players to be evaluated for consideration for US National Training Center and US Club Id2 Program. (NorCal Playdates)

U16/U17 – College Showcase/Professional showcasing.

U15/U16/U17 – National Team showcasing.

PDP players are used as demonstrators for coaches education.