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The NorCal Player Development Program identifies, develops, and showcases the top motivated and talented players in Northern California.

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Johann Cryuff famously said, “Every disadvantage has its advantage”.

Given the developments over the past few weeks and looking forward, it could be a while before life returns to normal. During this time, we believe there is no reason soccer players cannot enjoy and play soccer alone or with family members. With this in mind, we have moved swiftly with our partners TopYa! to develop and provide a free skills contest for players to continue to play and enjoy the beautiful game.

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Library of exercises (Video & Coach’s tips for each exercise)

Footwork Video May 11th 2020


Exercise Video Coach’s Tips
Juggling Click here
Foot-work Click here Click here
Guiding Ball Click here Click here
Dribbling-Fake Part One Click here
Dribbling-Fake Part Two Click here


Tactical Concept Video Coach’s Tips
Receiving & Turning Click here Click here
No Turn – Return Pass (back) Click here Click here
Visual Behind Click here Click here
Visual Behind (Xavi) Click here
Vertical Run (penetration) Click here Click here
Vertical Run-2 (penetration) Click here Click here
Receiving-Passing Between Lines Click here Click here