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The NorCal Player Development Program identifies, develops, and showcases the top motivated and talented players in Northern California.


NorCal HomePlay

PDP & Techne

PDP have teamed up with Techne to provide a homework platform for players. Below is a our monthly leaderboard.

NorCal PDP HomePlay


Library of exercises (Video & Coach’s tips for each exercise)

Footwork Video May 11th 2020


ExerciseVideoCoach’s Tips
JugglingClick here
Foot-workClick hereClick here
Guiding BallClick hereClick here
Dribbling-Fake Part OneClick here
Dribbling-Fake Part TwoClick here


Tactical ConceptVideoCoach’s Tips
Receiving & TurningClick hereClick here
No Turn – Return Pass (back)Click hereClick here
Visual BehindClick hereClick here
Visual Behind (Xavi)Click here
Vertical Run (penetration)Click hereClick here
Vertical Run-2 (penetration)Click hereClick here
Receiving-Passing Between LinesClick hereClick here