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The NorCal Protests, Appeals, and Discipline process manages all issues related to violations of the NorCal Handbook and Code of Ethics, as well as Red Card suspensions.  To report a violation to NorCal Premier, please fill out the incident report form located in the menu on the left.  Incident reports can only be filed by Club Presidents, Directors of Coaching/ Technical Directors, and Referees. The PAD Committee does not manage issues related to competitions such as game protests, forfeits, scheduling, and communication disputes, or other competition-specific violations. Competition-related issues should be filed with the NorCal Competition Committee via a Competition Committee Report in the left-hand menu.

PAD Process

Once an incident report has been filed, it will be directed to the appropriate NorCal personnel for review.  In addition, any club named in an incident report will be notified of the report and be given a 48 hour period to respond before NorCal rules on the issue.  Incident reports relating to violations of the NorCal Code of Ethics will be reviewed by the NorCal PAD Committee following a 48 hour comment period.  Send Off Reports and reports relating to unlicensed referees will be investigated by the NorCal Referee Coordinator and presented to the PAD Committee for a ruling.  All reports relating to game protests, scheduling, or communications issues will be reviewed by the NorCal Competitions Committee.  As with all incident reports, clubs will be given 48 hours to respond to any incident report filed against them before NorCal makes a ruling.

Competition Committee Process

If received by 3 pm on Monday, Competition Committee Report rulings will be issued by the following Thursday. Any reports received after 3pm on Monday will be reviewed the following week. Once submitted the form will be reviewed by the appropriate NorCal competition staff. Once reviewed, all information in the form will be shared with all relevant parties for comment. All parties will have 48 hours to respond and comment on the report. Once the 48-hour comment period is up, the NorCal Competitions Committee will review all available information and issue a ruling.

The Competition Committee DOES NOT govern or overrule any referee decision on the field, including Red Cards and Suspensions, regardless of video evidence.