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Club Membership

For NorCal Membership Information Contact:

Nick Lusson

Apply for NorCal Membership

To submit an application for membership in NorCal Premier, please fill out the online application link below.  In addition, to the online application each applicant must also submit copies of the following items:

  • Club Logo
  • US Club Soccer Sanctioning Agreement
  • Club Mission Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation or 501(c)3 Documentation
  • Club Bylaws or Constitution
  • Technical Director or DOC License
  • Coaching Staff Licenses
  • Technical Plan or Curriculum
  • Field Permits or Written Agreements for Fields Access
  • Written Agreement from Clubs Sharing Fields or Justification of Shared Fields
  • 5 Year Growth Model
  • 3 Letters of Reference



Upon receipt of a Club Membership Application, NorCal Premier’s Club Membership Committee (the Committee) will evaluate club applications using the following objective and subjective measures.  The Committee will solicit feedback on the club’s application from our current NorCal member clubs both via an online survey, and as part of an in-person presentation from the applying club to their RAC meeting.  Based on that evaluation the Committee will make a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors (the Board) and the Board may accept or deny Club Membership at their sole discretion.

Steps in the Application Process…

  1. US Club Soccer sanctioning
  2. Submit online application & required attachments
  3. Initial club call w/ NorCal New Club Committee staff member to review process
  4. In-person club visit from New Club Committee member
  5. Solicitation of online feedback survey from NorCal Premier member clubs
  6. Presentation of member clubs at their RAC meeting (schedule found HERE).  Must be attended by at least your DOC/Technical Director and preferably also your club President.
  7. Review of application by New Club Committee & recommendations sent to Board of Directors
  8. Membership decisions by NorCal Premier Board of Directors
  9. Accepted clubs sign NorCal Premier sanctioning agreement


  • Impact on Existing NorCal Member Clubs
  • Geography & Facilities
  • Overall Club Infrastructure
  • Technical/Player Development Model
  • Qualifications of Technical Leadership
  • History of Youth Player Development
  • History of Adherence to NorCal Code of Ethics & Policies
  • Sanctioned by US Club Soccer


Clubs applying for membership can submit applications during the following windows:

  • February 15-28: Notification of acceptance or denial by May 1st
  • August 1-15: Notification of acceptance or denial by December 1st

The NorCal Premier Club Membership Committee and the NorCal Premier Board of Directors reserves the right to evaluate applications from clubs in strategic growth areas outside of the stated application windows.