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The NorCal Player Development Program identifies, develops, and showcases the top motivated and talented players in Northern California.

Program Overview

Regional PDP

Age Groups: 2005, 2006, 2007 (Boys & Girls)  

Season: August – June

Overview: This group will train one time per month in each region.  Trainings will be on Mondays.  Selected players will get the opportunity to participate in playdates against other regions.

Recommendation:  Through DOC recommendation during window (June-July) or by being scouted by PDP staff.

State Pool PDP

Age Groups: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2003 Boys  and 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Girls

Season: September – June

Recommendation: Scouted by PDP staff and performance at Regional PDP trainings.

Overview: The state pool group will be split into inter-regional groups and will train one time a month at different locations. Trainings will generally take place on Wednesdays.

Selected players will get the opportunity to participate in showcase games, a residential state camp, international trips, college showcases, tournaments, and events where they compete against other State PDP programs. They will also be evaluated and recommended if age appropriate for ID2, US Training Center, and National Team programs.

State Selection PDP

Age Groups: 2000, 2001,2002,2003, 2004, 2005 ,2006 (Boys)

Season: September- June

Recommendation:  Through performance at Regional and State PDP trainings.

Overview:  Selected players from the regional pools will train 1 time per month, September-June, (Region 7 and 8 begin January) .  This will be in ADDITION to the once per month regional and State trainings training.  We will select players from 2 regions to train at one central location. The regions will be organized as follows:

  • Region 5, 6 and North State – Fairfield/Vallejo
  • Region  2, 3/4 and South State – Dublin
  • Region 7, 8 and Central State – Merced

Selection Process

NorCal PDP Player Selection Process.

  • All coaching staff meet and discuss each player who has attended tryout right after the session has concluded.
  • A system rating 1-5 is used (see below) The rating has a minimum standard based on the program that the player needs to meet to be invited back to the next session. Minimum Standard: Regional “2” State “3”
  • All the scores from the coaching staff are considered in the evaluation of a player (Generally 4-6 scores)
  • Final decision must be unanimous among the coaching staff, if a player is not invited back
    If even just one score among of all scores on a particular player meets the minimum standard, that player will be invited back on what is called “on a bubble” till all the coaching staff reaches a unanimous decision.
  • If a coach has a conflict of interest with a player who plays in the same club where he-she is coaching, that particular coach will not be part of the discussion-evaluation of the player and his-her score is not considered

Rating System For NorCal PDP Players

5    Top US Youth National Team Player

4.5  US Youth National Team player pool

4     US Soccer Training Center (TC)

3.5   Top NORCAL PDP State Pool

3     NORCAL PDP State Pool

2.5  PDP Junior State Pool

2     NORCAL PDP Regional pool

1.5  Top Club level

1 Local Club level


Letter Sent To PDP Famalies

Click Here  for a copy of the player/parent agreement sent to players selected to participate in the PDP program