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ECNL RL/ NPL Manager Resources

Table of Contents

The following is a list of resources for ECNL RL and NPL Coaches and Managers. Click on a topic below to jump to its corresponding section below.

Schedule Change Requests

Following the scheduling deadline, all ECNL RL, NPL, and Pre-NPL schedules will be locked. No club or team official will be able to make changes to scheduled games through the normal game-scheduling process. Any changes to game details (date, time, location, home team) must be requested through the GotSport game change request system.

How to Request a Game Change

Once submitted a game change request will be sent to your opponent for review. A notice will appear in their GotSport account and an email notification will be sent to the opponent team’s contacts. Once the opponent will be able to agree or refuse the game change request. If/ when the opponent agrees to the game change request, the game details will automatically update in the schedule.

Roster Change Request

As outlined in the NPL Handbook, ECNL RL and NPL team rosters will be frozen prior to the first competition weekend. While each team may add up to two Club Pass Players to any game-day roster, once rosters are frozen the only way teams can edit their Primary Roster is through the ECNL RL/ NPL Roster Change Form. Teams can request player(s) to be added or removed from their roster based on the following guidelines:

    1. Emergency Player Add (Not a Full Team) – Teams that drop below 12 Players due to injury or illness
    2. Emergency Player Add (Goalkeeper) – Teams that do not have a goalkeeper due to injury or illness
    3. New Player to Club – Players who have moved from outside the region, are new to the club, and have not played for another ECNL RL or NPL team this season.
    4. Late US Club Approval – Players who received US Club approval after the Roster Freeze.

All ECNL RL/ NPL Roster Changes will be reviewed by the NorCal NPL Coordinator, who will evaluate each request on a case by case basis and will make a decision at their sole discretion.


Score Reporting

For all ECNL RL, NPL, and Pre-NPL games home teams need to report detailed scores. This will include:

  • The score of the game
  • Goal scorers (as they appear on the game card)
  • Assists (if reported on the game card)


Additionally, each home team should upload a signed copy of the game card with the score.

How to Report Detailed Game Score 

Game Reports

For all ECNL RL, NPL, and Pre-NPL games away teams need to fill out a game report. The game reports are how NorCal tracks adherence to ECNL RL and NPL standards such as:

  • Field Quality
  • Referee Performance
  • Game Day Environment (tents, benches, etc.)

In addition, to answering questions about each of these areas each away team will be required to upload a copy of the signed game card in their game report. Ensure that you take a photo of the signed game card at the end of the game to include in your game report.

ECNL RL/ NPL Game Report

Veo League Exchange

The Veo League Exchange will be available to all U15 – U19 NorCal ECNL RL and NPL teams. While not required, it is strongly recommended that teams upload video of their games into the league exchange. It is our intention to raise the level of the league through the use of video, allowing teams to better review their performance and prepare for opponents.

  • Teams may use whatever video recording system they want to upload video… you do not need to use VEO cameras
  • Teams will have access to all other games of teams within their league for both scouting and tactical review purposes

Additionally, NorCal will be using the league exchange to identify marketing content such as goals of the week, etc. For teams to be featured they will need to upload their video to the league exchange.

Finally, we encourage teams to communicate with their opponents so that only one team has to film the game.