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Youth Premier Leagues

U11-U19 League Overview

The NorCal Youth Premier League includes regionally-based leagues for Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper level teams.

The Youth Premier League also includes the U14-U19 State Premier division which mirrors the NPL timeline. The winner of the State Premier Championship division in the Spring will automatically qualify for the 2022-23 NorCal NPL.


U14-U19 State Premier: $600 (includes Fall and Spring)

U11-U19 Gold-Copper: $200 (Fall)/ $300 (Spring)

AGE GROUP MATRIX – Use the birth date of your OLDEST player to determine the age group

* Field  Size (yds)70/80 L

45/55 W

70/80 L

45/55 W

100/120 L

50/80 W

100/120 L

50/80 W

100/120 L

55/80 W

**Number  of Referees11333
Number  of Players9v99v911v1111v1111v11
Minimum # of Players66777
Playing Time2×302×302×352×402×45
Ball Size44555
Goal Mouth Size  (feet)6.5×18.5 – 7×216.5×18.5 – 7×218×248×248×24
SubstitutionsAny StoppageAny StoppageAny StoppageAny StoppageAny Stoppage
Fouls (type of kick)Indirect / Direct Free KicksIndirect / Direct Free KicksIndirect / Direct Free KicksIndirect / Direct Free KicksIndirect / Direct Free Kicks
Free Kick clearance8 yd8 yd10 yd10 yd10 yd
Penalty  KicksYes (mark at 10 yds)Yes (mark at 10 yds)Yes (mark at 12 yds)Yes (mark at 12 yds)Yes (mark at 12 yds)
Penalty Area (yds)14×3614×3618 x 4418 x 4418 x 44
Goal Area (yards)5×165×166 x 206 x 206 x 20
HeadingNoneper Laws/Rulesper Laws/Rulesper Laws/Rulesper Laws/Rules



**Recommended minimum number of referees

*Use of cones for lines allowed