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What Is A Playdate?

With registration for all eight of the 2023 Playdates open and the first event scheduled for next month, NorCal has decided to break down what a Playdate is, why they’re important, and how they can help the thousands of youth players in Northern California improve their abilities on the field.

The aim of Playdates is to create a cost-effective way for U8-U12 teams to come together for a full day to play against opponents that they might not get a chance to face otherwise.

The jamboree-style event provides a festive atmosphere to a fun day where parents and kids alike can celebrate playing the beautiful game.

While NorCal does keep track of scores, the goal is for each participant to enjoy playing soccer while further developing their skills.

Each team in the event plays three 36-40 minute matches during a single day against another team of similar skill in order to ensure that each contest is competitive and, therefore, help each player better develop their skill and love for the game.

Starting with this year’s March 19 event hosted by Solano Surf, NorCal will co-host Playdates bimonthly alongside one of its clubs all the way up through August.

For those wishing to limit travel, Playdates are hosted at a variety of different locations including the Bay Area, the greater Sacramento region, and Central California.

Due to the friendly nature of the competition, NorCal enforces a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike behavior at Playdates.

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For more information about Playdate rules, click here. To learn more about NorCal’s Aim of Play, click here.