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US Soccer Initiatives – NorCal Implementation Continues

US Soccer has been implementing Player Development Initiatives over the past two years. Some of these have been recommendations and some of them have been mandates. NorCal Premier Soccer has been an early adopter of these PDI’s.

The final rule change concerning Build Out Line for U9 and U10 boys and girls soccer went into effect on August 1st. NorCal has been notified this is a US Soccer mandate and must be used in all US Soccer sanctioned organizations, therefore all US Club Soccer and all NorCal Premier Soccer competitions.

Please note this is also an offside line allowing teams to push or move their players into the opponents’ half, up to the opponents’ build out line. Additionally, goal keepers will no longer be able to punt the ball.

Details on ALL of the Player Development Initiatives can be found HERE.

Download the full PDF presentation: English  |  Español

*Please pay particular attention to pages 24-39 where the 7v7 Standards of Play are outlined – the Build Out Line is covered starting on page 29.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions document: English  |  Español