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U9-U13 State Cup Returns This Weekend

Starting this weekend, over 1500 teams are getting ready to embark on a fun and great experience as the U9-U13 State Cup kicks off at various locations around the state. Good luck to each and every team as they begin their journey into competitive Cup play.

State Cup index

First year of NorCal State Cup 2003- 120 teams

2018 number of teams –1540

2019 number of teams –1597

2019- total number of clubs – 204

2019 -total number of matches scheduled –over 6,000

2019 team recognized on championship weekend – Over 200, but only one State Cup champion per age group and gender

Teams will complete in three rounds of soccer in NorCal state Cup with the first round ending in September or October depending on the age group and gender. Teams will then move onto the second round as well as the start of the Knockout round (third round).  Please check the calendar for all game dates.

Highlight videos from the 2018/19 season

U11-U13 state/premier and platinum video

U9 finals

U10 Finals

U11-U13 gold/silver and bronze