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U9-U13 State Cup Rescheduling Update

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as NorCal staff have been working on rescheduling U9-U13 games that were cancelled due to the poor air quality in Northern California. We have now completed the schedules which can be viewed in your GotSoccer account as well as on the public page.

U9-U10 State Cup Schedules

Here is some important format information about the upcoming rescheduled weekends.

U9 Age Group

Games have been scheduled for Semifinals on Dec 1st and Finals on Dec 2nd.  Please check your gotsoccer team account as there have been some changes to the original November 17-18 schedule.

U10 Age Group

New divisions have been created for this age group as we need to complete the Cup by the posted NorCal rain out weekend of December 1st and 2nd. We used Round 1 placement (points) and tiebreakers to re-rank all teams to create groups of 16. Teams will play in a more knockout style format.

Dec 1st– Teams will play a Round of 16 match on Saturday morning. Teams are paired based on seeding (ie 1 vs 16, 2 v 15, etc). The winner of a match will go to the upper division, the loser will go into the lower division. For example, in the State/Premier level, the winner will move into the State Quarterfinal and the loser will drop down into the Premier Quarterfinal. ALL TEAMS will play in a Quarterfinal game on Saturday afternoon. Teams that win their Quarterfinal on Saturday will return for the Semifinals on Sunday. Any teams that lose their Quarterfinal on Saturday will be eliminated and will not return on Sunday.

Dec 2nd– Semifinals will be played Sunday morning and the winner of the semifinal matches will play in their division Final on Sunday afternoon. The State division will still play things all the way out and will have placement games for 1st through 8th place. All State division (Top 8) teams will return on Sunday.

All matches will be played at the same site that your first match was played at on Saturday morning. Awards presentations will take place at each site which include Granite Regional Park, Mistlin (Ripon) and at Woodward Park.

For the U10 age group. To find your quarterfinal match Click here to go to U9-U13 state cup home page,  Then click on “Schedules/Standings” Then click on “U9-U10 NorCal State Cup – Round 2 and 3” Find your current division for the 2nd round.  If your team is in Premier 2/Premier 3, then your team will either move to Premier 2 or premier 3 for the 3rd round.  Scroll down and find these division in the 3rd round and click on schedule.

To assist teams with the afternoon quarterfinal match, click here

U11-U13 Gold/Silver and Bronze

For the U11-U13 Gold/Silver/Bronze teams, the U11-U12 Girls and U13 Boys, who have already played all 2nd round games on November 3-4 have some field changes if they were scheduled at Woodward Park. Games that were scheduled at Woodward Park will be moved to Davis Legacy Soccer Complex and Mistlin. All games scheduled at Mary Grogan will remain as scheduled.

For U11-U12 Boys and U13 Girls we have moved teams directly to Quarterfinal divisions and have cancelled games 2 and 3 of Round 2. Quarterfinal divisions have been determined based on the results of the played club hosted Round 2 game. Some consideration was also given to results from Round 1 games.

For the U11-U12 age groups, if teams win the morning game, they would play the semifinals in the afternoon at the same site.

For the U13 age group, if teams win on Saturday, they would play the semifinal match on sunday at the same site

With these changes all U11-U13 Gold, Silver and Bronze will remain on schedule with Quarters and Semis on December 1-2 and Finals over the December 8-9 weekend.

U11-U13 Gold, Silver and Bronze Schedules

Since matchups for Semifinals and Finals are unknowns, this will not populate to your team accounts on or Gotsoccer. There is a placeholder schedule in Gotsoccer that you may go, to view the game time of your Semifinal or Final match. Click here to go to U9-U13 State Cup home page. Click on “Schedules/Standings,” then on “U11-U13 NorCal State Cup- Round 2 and 3 – Gold, Silver and Bronze” and go to your 3rd round division and click on Schedule.