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U9-U13 State Cup Applications Still Open to Complete Flights

We are in the process of completing some flights for this upcoming season.  NorCal is offering these spots at a cost of $350.  This is more than a 50% savings over the normal application fee.  These spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis and will be decided on the strength of the playing that is needed to complete that flight.  Final acceptance is reliant upon the seeding committee determining the level of strength for your team.   Click here for a list of age groups and teams needed to complete flights

Teams must pay by credit card – it will be charged only upon acceptance to the event.

2017-18 U9-U13 State Cup Application

NorCal Premier Soccer’s goal for the Norcal Cup is to provide a festive, soccer event celebrating soccer, “the World’s Game”.
Focusing on our aim “to ignite a lifelong passion for soccer”, the Norcal State Cup offers one of the most exciting, inclusive youth soccer tournaments in the country.
Our “Champion’s League – Europa League” format allows teams to compete at their level, based on their local results, to allow teams to lose in early rounds and still advance into a lower level cup, thereby ensuring every team has an opportunity to play in a “Cup” over an extended period of time.
The primary goal of the NorCal State Cup has been to provide an enjoyable soccer experience for young soccer players, thereby improving our chance of creating the next generation of lifelong soccer players and fans.
We strongly encourage you to register your teams now.

2016-17 U9-U13 State Cup Division Champions

Many of last season’s State Cup champions will look to defend their titles when play begins again this Fall. Those State champions aren’t the only to return to play though, as NorCal Premier Soccer crowns 228 different division champions each year, making sure that there’s plenty to play for at each age and skill level. Click on the link below to see a full list of division Champions from the 2016-17 U9-U13 State Cup.