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U9-U13 NorCal State Cup Draw Information

Draw Information

Teams are grouped into pots based on division placement (State/Premier, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze), location (East, North, South, West, and Central), and level (Pot 1 highest and Pot 4 lowest). Each team is represented with a ping pong ball labeled with a number that corresponds to the team name.


NorCal will announce the First round division (State/Premier, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze/Copper, etc) and location (East, North, South, West, and Central) being drawn.

Labeled ping pong balls for the division and location are placed in the four pots.

NorCal will announce the Group letter (A, B, C, etc.) being drawn. The first team that is drawn out of pot 1 will be in Bracket A1,  the next team will be bracket B1, this process will continue until all the ping pong balls are drawn from pot 1. We will then go to pot 2 and the first ping pong ball that is drawn will be in bracket A2, the next ping ball will be in B2, this will continue until all the ping pong balls are drawn.  This same process will happen for pot 2 and pot 4. For brackets, all the teams in bracket A will play each other in the first round, the same for bracket B and so on. The process will start over again with the teams from the next location (East, North, South, West).

If there are no multiples of 4 teams from a location, we then pull teams from locations nearby to create a group of 4.  There will be no draw for these teams and they will be posted as no draw for the posting of locations/pots.

Here are the age groups with the brackets for the draw:

U9 – ’11 Boys  U9 – ’11 Girl
U10 – ’10 Boys U10 – ’10 Girls
U11 – ’09 Boys   U11 – ’09 Girls 
U12 – ’08 Boys  U12 – ’08 Girls 
U13 – ’07 Boys U13 – ’07 Girls

Teams from the same club cannot be drawn together. If this occurs, the drawn team will take the next available open spot for their pot. For example, if a team from Pot 2 is drawn with their club in Group A, the Pot 2 team will take the open spot in Group B.

If any teams are missing from the pot, a redraw will occur for the division and location (not for the entire Group Stage) with the correct teams entered. If every team is drawn from the pot, the draw will be official for the division and location.