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U9-U10 State Cup 2nd Round Draw Results Posted

U9-U10 State Cup 2nd Round Draw result video are now posted below.

Click below for the pot placements for each team involved.

U9 Boys U9 Girls
U10 Boys U10 Girls

2nd Round Seeding Process

Each division, State/Premier, Gold, Silver is divided into an upper division and a lower division. Teams are ranked in the 2nd round based on the following criteria:

Placement within your Flight (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)
Points, goal differential, goals scored, and then goals against.
If Wildcard teams are needed, it will be based on points in the flight to determine the highest seeded team in the flight.
If your division is listed as Gold/Silver, the upper division will be Gold, the lower division will be Silver. For all other divisions, upper will be A and lower will be B.
If wild card teams are needed to complete the flight, these teams will be the highest ranked 3rd place teams.

Click here for the 2nd round pots which are created based on 1st round placement.

Draw Process

NorCal will draw ping pong balls that are numbered and these number are associated to that teams in those pots.  All the teams will be first drawn from Pot 1 for that division. With the first team being in Flight “A”.  The next team will be in Flight “B” and so on until all the teams are chosen from Pot 1.  We will repeat this same process for Pot 2, then Pot 3, and finally Pot 4. All teams in Flight A will play each other and the same is true for the rest of the flights.  We will adjust brackets if teams played each other in the first round.  We will also adjust brackets if teams from the same club are drawn.