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U9-U10 NorCal State Cup: Boys and Girls 2nd Round Draw Results

U9-U10 NorCal State Cup Update

The First Round of the U9-U10 State Cup has been completed. Teams will now turn their attention to the Second Round which begins November 3rd for the U9 age group and November 10th for the U10 age group. All matches will be scheduled by NorCal at the NorCal-hosted site. All teams will be re-ranked after the second round matches are complete on Sunday morning. This will set the stage for the start of the championship (third) round on Sunday Afternoon. All teams will have a quarterfinal match Sunday afternoon of their respected weekends of play. Championship weekend will take place on November 17th and 18th with semifinals on the 17th and championships on the 18th. For more U9-U10 information, please click here.

The U11-U13 State/Premier and Platinum first round matches will be completed by October 21st. These divisions will have their first game of the second round on December 9th. This will be a team-hosted match.