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U14-U19 State Cup Weekend

State Cup Weekend

The U14-U19 NorCal State Cup weekend takes place from October 14th-16th with teams playing their 2nd and 3rd Group Stage games. Over the three days, 900 games will be played as teams battle for Knockout Phase positioning.

Knockout Phase Draw

The final State Cup draw, will take place this January, prior to the Knockout Phase of the competition. The 1st and 2nd place teams from any Group Stage division will move into the higher division of play while the third and fourth place teams from a division will move into the lower division of play. For each Knockout division teams will again be placed into pots (1-4) based on:

  1. Finish in Group (1st/2nd or 3rd/4th)
  2. Points in Group
  3. Event Tiebreakers

Pots 1 and 2 will consist of the group winners (or 3rd place finishers) and pots 3 and 4 will consist of the group runners up (or 4th place finishers). The teams in Pot 1 (group winners with most points) will be drawn into the best positions in the Knockout Phase bracket. Next, Pot 2 (group winners with fewest points) will be drawn, followed by Pot 3 (runners up with most points), and finally Pot 4 (runners up with least points). Teams from the same Group Stage division cannot be drawn on the same side of the bracket. If the runner up is drawn on the same side as their group winner, the runner up will be placed in the next highest spot on the opposite side of the bracket.