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U14-U19 NorCal State Cup Knockout Phase Draw this Wednesday, January 18th

Ahead of the Knockout Round of the 2016-17 State Cup, NorCal Premier Soccer will host the final draw this Wednesday starting at 9 AM. The draw will be streamed live on our Facebook and Instagram pages with the following format: The 1st and 2nd place teams from any Group Stage division (ie State/Premier) will move into the higher division of play while the third and fourth place teams from a division will move into the lower division of play.

Click here for Knockout Phase Pots and Brackets

For each Knockout division teams will again be placed into pots (1-4) based on:

  1. Finish in Group (1st/2nd or 3rd/4th)
  2. Points in Group
  3. Event Tiebreakers

Each team is represented by a labeled ping pong ball. Pots 1 and 2 will consist of the group winners (or 3rd place finishers) and pots 3 and 4 will consist of the group runners up (or 4th place finishers). The teams in Pot 1 (group winners with most points) will be drawn into the best positions in the Knockout Phase bracket. Next, Pot 2 (group winners with fewest points) will be drawn, followed by Pot 3 (runners up with most points), and finally Pot 4 (runners up with least points). Teams from the same Group Stage division cannot be drawn play against one another in the Round of 32. If the runner up is drawn against their group winner in the Round of 32, the runner up will be placed in the next highest spot on the opposite side of the bracket.

Draw Schedule

The draw will take place on Facebook and Instagram, live, starting with the Draw Introduction at 8:45 am. NorCal will draw all Premier – Copper divisions, by age group, from 9am – 1pm. The State Cup division’s (highest divisions) will be drawn at 1:30 pm. The complete schedule is listed below and is subject to change:

8:45 AM: Draw Introduction – click here for Presentation

9:00 AM: U14 Boys and Girls (Premier Cup – Copper Cup)

10:15 AM: U15 Boys and Girls (Premier Cup – Copper Cup)

11:30 AM: U16 Boys and Girls (Premier Cup – Copper Cup)

12:30 PM: U17 Boys and Girls (Gold Cup – Bronze Cup)

1:00 PM: U19 Boys and Girls (Gold Cup – Bronze Cup)

2:00 PM: U14-U19 Boys and Girls (STATE CUP beginning with U14’s)

If you cannot view on Facebook or Instagram you can follow draw bracketing results (live) online by clicking here.