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U14-U19 NorCal State Cup Knockout Phase Brackets and Information

As the Group Stage of the U14-U19 NorCal State Cup winds down, brackets for the Knockout Phase have now been posted. Once groups have been completed teams will be placed in the bracket based on their group and placement within that group. Teams will be required to play their first knockout match by March 12th, however, many teams will be able to play their first match prior to the winter break in order to alleviate some of the congestion in the Spring.

This years seeding process is different than past State Cup events. Similar to the World Cup, placement in the Knockout Phase is based on your group and your group placement. We tried to group teams based on their location as much as possible to avoid heavy travel that many teams have encountered in the past. The home team for the Round of 32 will be determined by the team that finished higher in their group (1st, 2nd, etc). If both teams finished in the same placement in their group the home team will be determined by the number of points they earned in the Group Stage and if still tied then by NorCal tiebreakers. Information for each age group may be found below.


U14 Boys Brackets

U15 Boys Brackets

U16 Boys Brackets

U17 Boys Brackets

U19 Boys Brackets


U14 Girls Brackets

U15 Girls Brackets

U16 Girls Brackets

U17 Girls Brackets

U19 Girls Brackets

Knockout Phase Timeline

Round of 32: Game scheduled on November 6th and must be played no later than March 12th
Round of 16: Game scheduled on March 25th or 26th and must be played no later than April 16th (NorCal will host some heavy travel matches on March 25th-26th)
Quarterfinals: Game scheduled on April 29th or 30th and is hosted by NorCal
Semifinals: Game scheduled on May 13th and is hosted by NorCal
Finals: Game scheduled on June 3rd or 4th and is hosted by NorCal