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U14-U19 Group Stage Begins this Saturday

The U14-U19 NorCal State Cup continues this weekend with close to 1200 teams in action.

NorCal State Cup Home

U14-U19 NorCal State Cup Preview

All teams will play in three Group Stage matches to determine their Knockout Phase division of play.

The Group Stage is broken up into the following divisions of play which is dependent on the number of Cup divisions in the age group:

Six State Cup Divisions (U14-U16 Boys and U14-U15 Girls)

State/Premier: 1st and 2nd qualify for State and 3rd and 4th qualify for Premier
Gold/Silver: 1st and 2nd qualify for Gold and 3rd and 4th qualify for Silver
Bronze/Copper: 1st and 2nd qualify for Bronze and 3rd and 4th qualify for Copper

Four State Cup Divisions (U17-U19 Boys and U16-U19 Girls)

State/Gold: 1st and 2nd qualify for State and 3rd and 4th qualify for Gold
Silver/Bronze: 1st and 2nd qualify for Silver and 3rd and 4th qualify for Bronze

Full NorCal State Cup Timeline

Group Stage matches are scheduled for October 1st, 15th, and 16th.