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U11-U13 State Cup Draw Information

The following contains all the pertinent information regarding this month’s U11-U13 State Cup Draw for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze divisions.

Second round Ranking Process:

Each of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Divisions are divided into an upper division and a lower division. Teams are then ranked in the second round based on the following criteria from the first round results:  

  1. Placement within your Flight (IE-1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th)
  2. Points, GD, GF and then Goals against.
    1. 1st and 2nd place teams all move to the upper division.
    2. Lower 3rd and 4th place teams move to the lower divisions.
    3. For wild card teams moving to the upper division, these would be the stronger 3rd place teams
    4. If your division is listed as Gold or Silver, the upper division will be Gold, the lower division will be Silver. For all other divisions, upper will be A and lower will be B.

For how divisions are broken in to upper and lower based on the number of teams in your division.  Click here to go to State cup home page, then click on “Manager Resources”

Then click on “Creating Divisions for the 2nd Round information

For third round information Click on “Creating Divisions for the 3rd Round”on the manager resources page as well. All teams will move to third round 

Below are the results from this re-ranking process per age group.

Live Draw:

Teams are associated with a draw number. Norcal will draw ping pong balls that has a coordinating number to the team. We will draw all ping pong balls from Pot 1 first. The first ball that is drawn will be in flight A and we will continue the process until all ping pong balls are drawn from Pot 1 created the first team in Flight A. The second team drawn will be flight B. The third team drawn will be flight C. And so on…  

We will then move to Pot 2 and do the same process before moving onto the same for Pot 3 and 4. Teams that played each other in the first flight will not play each other in the second flight.  

The live draw will occur on Tuesday, October 8 and will be posted on the Norcal state cup home page on Wednesday, Oct 9th

Second round re-ranking and pot placement is below. Teams are listed in alphabetical order within their pots prior to the draw.

2nd round Pot placement 
U11 Boys U11Girls
U12 Boys U12 Girls
U13 Boys U13 Girls


Schedules for 2nd round

After the live draw is completed, the NorCal State Cup committee will create the flights in Gotsoccer and will begin to create the schedule for the second round. More information will go out next week regarding the second round schedules for game dates please go to the U9-U13 Calendar.

Please click here  to go to NorCal State Cup home page. Then click on “U9-U13 Calendar” This will have the admin and game day calendar for NorCal State cup. (There are tabs at the bottom of the document, please make sure you are on the correct age group.)