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Thirteen New Clubs Join NorCal Premier Soccer

After a thorough application process, NorCal Premier Soccer is pleased to announce the additions of 13 new member clubs to begin play in the fall 2024 season, increasing total membership to nearly 300.

Joining NorCal Premier will be Black Lions USA FC, FC Real Libertad, Forza MIS, Mariposa Soccer, Milpitas Youth Soccer League, North Bay Premier Club, Oakland Genesis, Patterson Heat FC, Red Bluff Youth Soccer League, Santa Rosa South, United Sports FC, Yuba Elite FC, and Zorritos FC.

“We are excited to invite the new clubs into NorCal Premier Soccer for 2024,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer. “Over the years, our new club acceptance process has evolved into a vigorous review which sees many of the applicants not accepted. This year we welcome many new and established clubs with long histories who have decided to enter NorCal.”

“Prior to acceptance, these clubs enter into an extensive application process which includes a peer review by NorCal’s New Club Committee, a club visit by a NorCal Premier Soccer core staff member, interviews with their key leadership team–both on and off the field–and finally a presentation to the RAC of their area,” Ziemer added. “We would like to give a special thanks to the New Club Committee, which is made up of volunteers nominated by the RAC who conduct reviews of player pool size, field availability, an the number of clubs in the area before making a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors, who then review every application and new club committee recommendation before voting to accept the clubs, on a one-year probationary basis, into NorCal Premier.”

“We know club soccer is the primary vehicle to offer the world’s game and we are excited to see soccer clubs grow in Northern California,” Ziemer continued. “While some clubs have been around for years while participating in other organizations, others are new clubs formed in areas previously without club soccer in their communities. The recreational base of players, previously only playing a few months a year of organized soccer, offers an opportunity for all clubs, new and existing, to grow their membership base if they so desire.”

“As these new clubs enter into NorCal Premier Soccer, they will find their way into the club soccer pyramid,” Ziemer concluded. “Some have the vision of becoming a feeder club, promoting their players to the clubs striving to develop players into the higher levels of US Soccer, including national teams, professional teams, and college teams, while others might wish over the long haul to strive to become an NPL Club.”

“We wish these clubs the best of luck as they enter NorCal Premier Soccer.”

Below is an overview of each of the 13 new NorCal member clubs:

Black Lions USA FC

Formed 20 years ago with just one team made up of players from mostly the same family, Black Lions USA FC has now expanded to 13 teams but strives to keep the familial aspect of its origins alive.

The San Jose area club now fields teams with players ranging from ages 5-16 and features a staff of predominantly female coaches.

“In recreational and competitive soccer there are many types of coaches: collectors of titles who are competitive to the maximum, trainers of a vocation who try to do their best by teaching you everything they know, and then there are the trainers who train you as a soccer player and a person,” said Black Lions President and Director of Coaching Ana Flores.

“Black Lions is more than a soccer club, we are a soccer family,” Flores added. “We want to thank the NorCal committee for giving us the opportunity to compete, continue to grow, and to offer this competition to our soccer community and family. Our staff is fully educated, licensed, and ready to work to provide a great experience for our soccer community.”

F.C. Real Libertad

Also located in the San Jose area, F.C. Real Libertad has been in operation since 2019 and joins NorCal Premier Soccer with five different teams filled with players from ages 6-13.

The club’s core philosophies are player development, sportsmanship and respect, inclusivity and diversity, and community engagement as F.C. Real Libertad strive to grow deep roots into their local community and provide a nurturing environment for young players to develop their skills and passion for the beautiful game.

“At F.C. Real Libertad we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation,” said club President Jack Delgado. “We constantly seek feedback from players, parents, and staff to refine our programs and provide the best possible experience for everyone involved in F.C. Real Libertad.”

“We look forward to the continued growth and success of our club and the positive impact we can make on the lives of the young athletes in our community,” Delgado added.

Forza MIS

One of the newer clubs NorCal is welcoming into the fold is Forza MIS, who were first established in 2023 with four teams at both the recreational and competitive levels of Modesto Indoor Soccer.

Currently Forza MIS have more than 10 teams, six of which have already started to attend various tournaments in the area.

“It’s in our best interest to get every kid that comes to our game ready to develop their skills,” said Forza MIS Director Victoria Oseguera. “Our biggest motto here at Forza MIS is making sure no kid gets left behind and we provide them with opportunities they might not get somewhere else due to different factors.”

“We want to make every kid feel welcomed and like they belong,” Oseguera added. “Our core philosophy is that no child gets left behind regardless of their skill level or economical situation.”

Mariposa Soccer

Founded in 2022, Mariposa Soccer has quickly grown into a robust program that features both recreational and competitive teams with more than 600 players currently playing with the club.

Based in Mariposa County in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mariposa Soccer’s core philosophies are a community-centered approach, a focus on player, coach, and referee development, character building, competitive excellence, and adaptability and resilience.

“Our club prioritizes serving our local community and fostering a sense of belonging among players, families, coaches, and supporters,” said President and Founder Kass Bissmeyer. “We seek to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the NorCal community,” Bissmeyer added. “This is a huge accomplishment for our club and we know that being a part of this family is going to help us elevate our players’ development and experience.”

Milpitas Youth Soccer League

Joining NorCal Premier Soccer with 51 teams–32 recreational and 19 competitive–Milpitas Youth Soccer League was founded all the way back in 2003 after previously operating as a club within the North Valley Youth Soccer League in San Jose.

The volunteer organization offers rec programs from U6-U14 and competitive teams from U8-U19, offering options for players of all skill levels.

“MYSL’s goal and mission is to educate the player in mental and physical fitness, to develop pride and community spirit, and to teach sportsmanship,” said MYSL President Amin Fazel. “Along with this we promote self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork through the game of soccer.”

North Bay Premier Club

Based in Santa Rosa, North Bay Premier Club was founded four years ago with three teams, but has grown to 10 different sides heading into its inclusion into NorCal Premier Soccer.

“At the core of North Bay Premier Club’s philosophy lies the belief that soccer should be a source of joy and fulfillment for children,” said North Bay President Robert Reyes. “While skill development is a key aspect of the coaching approach, the club prioritizes instilling values such as discipline, resilience, and sportsmanship.”

“Emphasizing the importance of humility in victory and graciousness in defeat, the club aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who not only excel on the field but also thrive in various facets of life,” Reyes added. “This holistic approach to player development underscores the club’s commitment to nurturing both the athletic and personal growth of its members.”

Oakland Genesis

With the core belief that inequality significantly impacts adolescent development of youth in the United States, Oakland Genesis was founded in 2019 to try and combat some of these inequalities in the East Bay community.

With over 1,200 players playing in its programs, including more than 350 in an after school soccer program, Oakland Genesis will compete in NorCal with nine academy teams in addition to the recreation activities that it provides.

“Our work is upheld by two core beliefs: that children who are socially and emotionally supported will develop into confident and successful adults; and that expanding access to educational opportunity is a vital tool for combating poverty,” said Oakland Genesis Co-Executive Director Cody Pillon. “All of our programming is developed to ensure that participants develop the social and emotional skills needed to navigate school and their careers.”

“For Oakland Genesis, soccer is a tool to empower, educate, and inspire Oakland’s leaders of tomorrow,” Pillon added. “The core of our mission is inclusivity. We deliver cost-free youth development programming to Oakland youth from underserved communities, channeling their passion for soccer into personal growth, educational achievement, and life success. Our mission is to ensure that all Oakland Genesis Academy participants graduate high school with the tools, confidence, and eligibility to follow their dreams.”

Patterson Heat FC

A multifaceted organization that includes a futsal program as well as recreational and competitive teams, Patterson Heat FC was established in 2022, catering to kids born from 2006 to 2018.

“(Our core philosophies are) passion and success for the game,” said DOC and founder Natalie Rios. “Our core values are community, inclusivity, empowerment, and excellence. What sets Patterson Heat FC apart is long-term player development to create a soccer culture of merit.”

“All in all, we’d like to add the importance and success Patterson Heat FC is bringing to Patterson, CA,” Rios added. “With the help of the board, coaches, and club members we are introducing the first club in our city to be approved for a NorCal Premier membership, paving a path to reach for NPL/ECNL, NCAA, MLS…etc.”

Red Bluff Youth Soccer League

More info on Red Bluff Youth Soccer League coming soon.

Santa Rosa South

Santa Rosa South’s roots run back to 1977 when youth clubs from Central, Laguna, and Annadel participated in the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League.

As the years passed and soccer in the region evolved, those three clubs merged to form Santa Rosa South in 2012, providing programming for kids aged four to 15.

Santa Rosa South is proud to represent the neighborhood communities in the west, central, and southern neighborhoods of Santa Rosa,” said SRS Director of Coaching Santa Rosa South Kevin Kilroy. “Some of our neighborhoods are underrepresented and many families are unaware that there are organized recreational and competitive levels for any child who would like to play the game of soccer. Our goal is to bring this awareness to our neighborhood communities.”

“As a volunteer based club, the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer Board of Directors and parent volunteers have committed tireless hours of building relationships and working with neighborhood communities to assist in providing the opportunity for children to play youth soccer in Santa Rosa,” Kilroy added.

United Sports FC

Established in 2021, United Sports FC has grown to field 15 different teams from the U6 to U12 age ranges in the Bay Area.

Club founder Ye Tian, who holds an AFC A License and enjoyed a long career in the Chinese Super League, leads United Sports FC, which has branches in the Bay and in Washington.

“At the heart of our club lies the profound belief in the transformative power of sports in shaping the youth,” said United Sport FC’s Youjian Wu. “We are unwavering in our commitment to not only honing the soccer skills of our players but also in instilling a deep-seated passion for the sport.”

“Our philosophy extends beyond the field; we emphasize the importance of leadership, resilience, and the spirit of collaboration,” Wu added. “Our aim is to equip our players with life skills that transcend the game, fostering individuals who are as adept in facing life’s challenges as they are in navigating the soccer field.”

Yuba Elite FC

Coming into existence in the spring of 2022, Yuba Elite FC currently has 12 different teams from the U8 to U19 age groups.

Yuba’s mission is to empower and inspire each member of the club to reach their full potential on and off of the pitch, while also creating individual leaders to inspire the future generation.

“The main influencers of Yuba Elite FC have been the kids within the Yuba Sutter community,” said Yuba Elite FC Director of Coaching Wendy Arechiga. “We felt that our area needed a club where kids would be able to grow, develop, learn, and have fun–a club that would always put the players first.”

“Yuba Elite FC is committed to community development no matter your soccer experience or what club you play for,” Arechiga added.

Zorritos F.C.

Founded more than a decade ago, Zorritos F.C. has catered to structured soccer programs for kids from the U5 to U15 age groups and now joins NorCal Premier Soccer with six different teams across those ages.

“At Zorritos F.C. our main influencers include our dedicated coaches, supportive parents, passionate players, and committed volunteers,” the club said in a statement. “Our coaches excel in teaching soccer skills and instilling values like teamwork and sportsmanship. Parents play a vital role in providing support and assistance, contributing to the positive atmosphere of the club.

“Players demonstrate dedication and teamwork on the field, driving our success with their enthusiasm for the game,” the statement continued. “Volunteers ensure the smooth functioning of the club, assisting with various tasks and helping create a thriving community around soccer. Together, these influencers contribute to the growth and success of Zorritos F.C.”

“We are thrilled to be part of NorCal, a renowned soccer organization known for its high-quality competitions and development opportunities,” the statement concluded. “Being affiliated with NorCal provides our players with access to top-level competition, exposure to college scouts, and pathways to regional and national competitions. It also allows us to participate in various player development initiatives and coaching education programs, enhancing the overall quality of our club. We’re excited about the opportunities that being part of NorCal brings and look forward to continued growth and success both on and off the field.”