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Super Rec Cup Returns This Winter

NorCal Premier Soccer’s popular recreational knockout competition returns this winter as the Davis Legacy Soccer Complex plays host to the Super Rec Cup in November and December.

The recently-formed competition sees teams from all across the state come to a central location to participate in a series of matches against similarly-skilled teams over the course of two days in a festive atmosphere.

The Super Rec Cup provides another opportunity for competition for recreational players outside of their normal league season.

“The Super Rec Cup is an excellent opportunity for teams to come together and compete in meaningful games,” said NorCal Premier Soccer Grassroots Development Manager Andrew Taylor. “With the leagues being local for ten games during the season, this gives each team the opportunity to play teams from across the state to challenge for the Super Rec Cup, a tournament that is for recreational level players.”

“We believe that recreation has a massive impact on the soccer landscape, and we want to fuel the need to build the base of the pyramid,” Taylor added. “We aim to make this event the highlight of the soccer calendar for each team, player, coach, and parent. Win or lose, they get to play the game we all love.”

The U16-U19 age groups will play on November 4 and 5, while the U10-U14 age groups will compete on December 2 and 3.

For the older ages, applications are due by October 10, while the younger age group applications are due by November 10.

For more information about NorCal Premier Soccer’s recreational programming, click here.