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Sonoma County – Save the Sol Invitational – December 16, 2018


An exciting day of soccer for the entire family.  Adults participating and representing their NorCal Premier soccer clubs will compete in a 7v7, 1 day tournament to help raise funds for the Sonoma County Sol’s NPSL soccer team.  All teams will have the opportunity to compete against Sonoma County Sol players who will be entering multiple teams.  In addition to exciting adult soccer there will be a fun, family atmosphere going on all day with 4v4 pickup games, music, food and drinks for sale.  An added bonus will be multiple competitions for kids and adults to ply their soccer skills in goalkeeper wars, crossbar challenge, and juggling.

NorCal’s Director of Adult Soccer, Cris Gilmore said, “The idea is to show our soccer community that adults can also play within their youth club structure.  We want to solidify opportunities for our youth players to continue to play when they become adults.  It’s a life-long sport and we should be able to represent our club for life.”  “In addition, the Sol represents players from multiple youth clubs within Region 5 and we want to be sure this team continues to thrive and be an avenue for top players in the region to continue to play.”