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Play Date Rules

  • Playing formats 7v7 and 9v9
  • Games will be two 18-20 minute halves with a 5-minute break. Please make sure that your team is ready to play at the scheduled time and clears the field immediately after the end of the game. Play Date events are run on a tight centralized schedule.
  • All games will be played on a U8-U12 appropriate size field.
  • A list of accepted teams will be posted online and schedules will be provided, also online, five days prior to the Play Date event.
  • Games will be scheduled on a Sunday – teams must commit to playing all three games scheduled for the day.
  • All throw-ins must be done correctly, but at the discretion of the referee, a re-throw can be granted.
  • Penalty kicks will be allowed.
  • All major and technical fouls will be enforced resulting in a direct free kick or indirect free kick as appropriate.
  • Offside will be enforced.
  • Either team may substitute on any stoppage, subject to the referee’s approval.
  • Goal kicks will be taken from any point within the goal box.
  • All efforts will be made to place teams in the appropriate bracket of play, but in the event of an uneven game, please try to avoid running up the score.  Keep the spirit of good sportsmanship throughout the day with an emphasis on safety and player development.
  • No trophies will be awarded at Play Date events.
  • Referees, while respecting the Laws of the Game, will do their best to keep the game flowing, simple and fun.
  • In order to assist with the changing of teams and spectators between games, we ask that tents be removed from the sideline after each match. Please do not set up your team/spectator camps on the sideline.