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LIGA NorCal Overview

LIGA NorCal Structure

Inspire every NorCal club to provide adult playing opportunities by offering multiple levels of competition.

The eventual complete structure includes all of the following:

LIGA Premier – State/Regionally based – top level amateur competition

LIGA Regional – Regionally based leagues for clubs that do not wish to travel state-wide

LIGA Club – Club based leagues that are owned and operated by their local club or organization. Can be used as a feed system into a first team or earn promotion to the Regional League through a playoff

Copa NorCal – A State Cup that will be open to all teams regardless of registration

LIGA Festivales – 1 day tournaments – 7v7, 6v6, Coed, Over 30, 40, 50, etc.

Torneos – Adult divisions at tournaments


LIGA NorCal will Provide

  • Event Manager
  • Club Admin Support
  • Sponsorship Packages
  • Game Day Operations Support
  • Fundraising Support

How to Develop a Team

  1. Decide on the level of the team – open, coed, U23, over 30, etc.
  2. Choose event.
  3. Identify team organizers/managers.
  4. Identify interested club members.
  5. Play!

Team Needs:

  • 12-15 Players for 7v7 Teams.
  • 23-30 players to make a player pool for 11v11 Teams.
  • Consistent practice facility
  • Consistent game facility (wide fields)
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • TeamSnap

Player Needs:

  • burning desire to play futbol
  • pay a nominal fee to show commitment
  • commit to play an entire season or event
  • communicate conflicts in an early and timely manner