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Check-In Procedures

Check-in Procedures/Rosters:

  • All players and staff need a Current US Club pass associated with their club. Guest players (from other clubs) are not allowed to participate.
  • Check-in will occur under a NorCal tent in a centralized location.  Please check the individual site details for a map that will show the exact location.
  • Players do not have to be present to check in. We will just be checking player passes to ensure the age of the player is correct as well as confirming that no guest players from other clubs are present.
  • Check-in will occur only once for the day. Teams should check in approximately 30 to 45 minutes prior to their first kickoff.


US Club passes:

  • Any Play Date prior to July 1 will need 23/24 US Club passes.
  • During the month of July – we will accept 23/24 US Club passes as well as 24/25 US Club passes.
  • Play Dates after July 31st will need 24/25 US Club passes.