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Cal Cup Event Overview

The California Cup began in 2022 as a collaboration between NorCal Premier and the SOCAL Soccer League. This one-of-a-kind event features the top two teams from Northern and Southern California at the U9 through U12 age groups, playing in a one-weekend tournament to determine the true California State Champion.

Teams qualify for spots in the California Cup via the NorCal and SOCAL State Cup, respectively. Champions and finalists in the top division of each event will automatically qualify for the event and have the opportunity to represent their half of the state.

The California Cup is hosted in Northern California by NorCal Premier in odd-numbered years, and in Southern California by SOCAL Soccer League in even-numbered years.

Event Format

The California Cup will feature a group stage followed by a Final and a 3rd place match, meaning every team will be guaranteed 3 games over the course of the weekend event. Teams will play two group games on Saturday (with the State Cup final acting as the first group stage match), and then a Final or 3rd place match on Sunday.


Example Schedule

NorCal Team #1 vs. NorCal Team #2 (Played at the NorCal State Cup Final)

NorCal Team #1 vs. SoCal Team #1 (Played Saturday AM @ Cal Cup)

NorCal Team #1 vs. SoCal Team #2 (Played Saturday PM @ Cal Cup)


1st Place vs. 2nd Place (Played Sunday AM)

3rd Place vs. 4th Place (Played Sunday AM)