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Play Date Overview

The aim of the NorCal Premier Play Dates is to provide a cost effective way to bring U8-U12 teams together for one day, at different sites around Northern California, to enjoy a full day of soccer, by creating an exciting atmosphere for the young players.

All teams will play 3 games of 36-40 minutes in a single day, therefore, bringing a large roster of 12-14 players per team is highly recommended, especially in high temperature events.

Every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling requests and ensure that teams play opponents outside of their region, but not all requests can be granted. In addition, several brackets of play are created for each age group and gender to try to ensure that teams are playing against opponents with similar abilities.

While scores are posted, emphasis should be placed on enjoyment and development for youngsters entering into the competitive soccer world.

Parents and coaches are encouraged to be supportive of their players, respectful to opponents and game officials, and show the highest level of sportsmanship throughout the day. NorCal will enforce a ’zero tolerance’ policy for unsportsmanlike behavior at these events. Do we believe teams should want to win? Always! However the development of the individual player and team should be first and foremost in the coaches’ and parents’ minds – especially at this young age.