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RELEASE: NorCal Premier Soccer Partners with Storelli

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Dec. 21, 2016) — At NorCal Premier Soccer our focus is first and foremost on the wellbeing of our players. Keeping them healthy and fit is of great importance to be a proactive partner in providing our coaches and parents with the best tools and solutions available.

In this spirit, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Brooklyn-based sports technology company Storelli, the leaders in soccer protection space.

Storelli’s innovative apparel provides head-to-toe protection for players of all positions. They’ve recently joined forces with world soccer stars such as Iker Casillas (Spanish goalkeeper/FIFA World Cup-winner) and Oscar (Brazilian midfielder) as evidence of their quality.

The nature of our partnership with Storelli is twofold:

  • Education and information on injury prevention and performance tips: With the help of Storelli we would like to provide our players, parents and coaches with periodic content and tips on the subject of injury prevention and soccer performance. The purpose of this content is to provide our players with information and insights on staying fit. This content can vary from information on turf burns or head injuries to broader topics such as pre-match mental preparation. We would like to kick this off as a trial in the hope that this will be both compelling and helpful.
  • Discounts on Storelli gear: NorCal Premier Soccer members will receive an exclusive 25 percent discount on all Storelli orders. As a majority of us and our members are already in holiday shopping mode we invite you to start using the code: NORCAL

For more questions about Storelli’s gear, you can reach them directly at or 212-810-6670

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