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Referee Shortage

As we approach 2021, and hopefully a return to the field for games against other clubs, we would like to bring to your attention the need for your club’s help in bringing NEW referees into your referee pool.  We are facing a crisis in licensed referee numbers for 2021 if we do not get in front of the curve and address this proactively.
Normally by this time of the year (non-COVID), anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 NEW referees would be registered for the 2021 registration year.  Currently, the number stands at just 342.
As a soccer community, we need each and every club to proactively get the message out to your membership of the desperate need for new referees for the year 2021. The registration process will likely take longer than usual, so starting early helps to ensure that we will all have enough referees for games once we are able to return to competition in 2021.
What can NorCal Member Clubs do?
  • Approach your existing membership (players, coaches, parents) about becoming a newly licensed referee for 2021.
  • Provide prospective referees with the details to complete their online training (no in-person classroom or field session)
  • New Referee Course (US Soccer) – ALL 4 assignments must be completed before you participate in the digital field session.   YOU MUST PREREGISTER AND HAVE ALL ASSIGNMENTS DONE BY 5pm THE DAY OF THE DIGITAL FIELD SESSION.
    This will take some planning so do not procrastinate.  
  • Sign up for a virtual field session
Requirements / Process to Become a New Referee
If you have any questions please contact Moe Shafai at