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NPL Qualification Event

The details for the 2022 NPL Qualification Event are now set, with the competition for teams hoping to make it into the NPL for the 2022-23 season due to take place June 18-19 in Davis, CA.

During the event, each team of the eight selected for each age group will be sorted into two groups of four and play each other team in their group once in 70-minute games.

The winners of each group will gain acceptance into the NPL for the following season.


All teams will get 3 games guaranteed
70-minute games
Unlimited substitutions are allowed in all age groups
2 groups of 4 teams (8 total) will be accepted for each age group
There will not be any semis/finals

Teams will be seeded and the winner of EACH group will gain acceptance to the NPL 2022-23 season

Any groups that do not fill all 8 spots will be scheduled/adjusted as needed