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NPL/ECNL-RL Matchday #6

With just a month remaining until the NorCal Spring College Showcase kicks off, league action in NorCal Premier Soccer is heading down to the wire. Several of this week’s featured matches could end up as defacto title games as teams from all across the state are making one final push to become champions.

Here are your NPL/ECNL-RL games of the week:

U14 Girls ECNL-RL
9:00 a.m. @ Crittenden Middle School
WSC Crush
In a battle between first and second place, neither MVLA nor WSC Crush have dropped points yet this season. However, while MVLA have played just two games, WSC Crush have already played five, meaning that if they beat MVLA, they'll officially clinch the U14 Girls ECNL-RL title.
U19 Girls ECNL-RL
4/20Walnut Creek Surf
9:00 a.m. @ Heather Farm 1
Blackhawks SC
Right now in the U19 Girls ECNL-RL, four different teams sit within four points of each other at the top of the table, including third place Walnut Creek Surf and first place Blackhawks SC. Right now, Blackhawks have 22 points and Walnut Creek only have 18, but Blackhawks have played two more matches.
U19 Boys ECNL-RL
4/20Elk Grove Soccer
10:00 a.m. @ Kammerer Park
De Anza Force
As the season heads into its stretch run, Elk Grove Soccer and De Anza Force have both put themselves comfortably ahead of all challengers in the U19 Boys ECNL-RL. Right now, each team stands on 27 points, though Elk Grove have played one fewer game, making this weekend's matchup a must win for each side.
U16 Boys ECNL-RL
4/20Turlock Academica Jrs
12:00 p.m. @ Academica Soccer Fields
Stanford Strikers
At the top of the U16 Boys ECNL-RL table is De Anza Force, who currently have 23 points and can only really be caught by two different teams: Turlock Academica Jrs (21 points) and Stanford Strikers (16 points). While Stanford are seven points back, they have a game in hand, one they will need to make the most of when they face fellow title challenger Turlock this weekend.