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NorCal Welcomes Six New Clubs to the Fold

With the goal of continuing to add deserving clubs from all around the state into its fold, NorCal Premier Soccer is proud to announce the addition of six new clubs for the spring 2018 season.

Joining NorCal will be Hughson United Soccer League, Nevada Celtic Soccer Academy, Oakdale Soccer Club, Players North Soccer Club, San Leandro Sporting United, and Sheriffs Futbol Club, bringing NorCal’s total membership to 219 clubs.

“We are pleased to welcome the new clubs into NorCal Premier Soccer. Our New Club Committee does extensive research on every application and we are always pleased to add deserving clubs, both new and existing, into our competitions,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer. “We wish them the best of luck and encourage them to take part in the coaching education and club development programs we offer.”

Added NorCal Vice President Shawn Blakeman: “We’re excited to have the new clubs join our organization. Year after year we continue to grow the game at all levels in hopes of achieving a cradle to grave club environment throughout Northern California. Welcome to the NorCal nation!”

Hughson United Soccer League

Hailing from the small Central Californian city of Hughson (pop. 7,400), the Hughson United Soccer League saw 44 different teams participate under its umbrella in 2017, which represented nearly a fourfold uptick in enrollment from the club’s inception in 2014.

The club’s logo represents an homage to founding President Dennis Wallace, a sheriff deputy with Stanislaus County Dept. who was gunned down in action in November of 2016, a tragedy that has driven the club to redouble its efforts for positive social change, both on and off the field.

“Not having him around last season was quite hard for our community,” said Hughson United Director of Coaching Jose Ramos. “Implementing a competitive program was one of the number of goals he and I had planned for the Hughson community so I gathered the requirements NorCal asked for and applied for membership.”

“Becoming part of the NorCal competitive soccer family means continuing the labor my brother-in-law worked for with others and me, all for the benefit of community kids,” Ramos added. “By continuing this labor we also offer kids opportunities for social growth and development of soccer skills.”

Part of Hughson United’s growth goals include the allocation of scholarships to deserving student-athletes, which saw the club hand out $2,000 to six graduating seniors, with plans for four more this year.

Nevada Celtic Soccer Academy

Based in Reno, Nevada, Nevada Celtic Soccer Academy is one of the latest NorCal clubs joining from out of state in order to garner the quality competition that the region provides.

“Nevada Celtic Soccer Academy was honored by our acceptance into NorCal Premier Soccer,” said President Vernon Miller. “Our membership will help our club achieve our mission of introducing competitive soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels. NorCal Premier will give our players the opportunity to develop to their highest potential.”

Miller cited the aspects NorCal offers such as competitive play, coaching education, and player development as main reasons for applying to join.

“Our club can now look forward to a bright future by our participation in everything NorCal has to offer,” he said.

Oakdale Soccer Club

Another Central Californian club joining the fold is Oakdale Soccer Club, based in the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World” in Stanislaus County.

Founded in 2017 with the expressed mission of “providing positive and safe opportunities to children from ages 4-18,” Oakdale Soccer Club hopes to make a mark on the region overall.

“Being accepted into NorCal is a great honor for our newly-formed Oakdale Soccer Club and our brand new competitive program,” said Oakdale President Rob Robbins. “OSC is dedicated to the development of young players in our community and being accepted into NorCal gives us an avenue for our players to showcase their development in competition.”

“NorCal’s commitment to the development of coaches and club’s alike through continued education opportunities is a welcome resource for our club and coaches at Oakdale Soccer Club,” Robbins added. “Knowing there is support for a new organization like us creates a feeling of comfort that can allow us to learn and grow in order to best serve our players and families.”

Players North Soccer Club

Based in Reno, Nevada, Players North Soccer Club is yet another organization in the Silver State joining forces with the Golden State to form the best environment possible for developing players locally.

Club President Randy Ritter cited the wealth of area competition as a major reason for applying to join NorCal Premier Soccer.

“Players North is proud to be part of NorCal Premier,” Ritter said. “It gives our Gold and Premier level teams the opportunity to play outside of our marketplace without having to travel to Las Vegas, Boise, or San Diego. We are very excited about competing with top competition in NorCal.”

“As a club we will maximize the resources provided by NorCal Premier from all the coaching education and PDP programs as well as State and League play,” he added. “We want to become known as the top-level club from Northern Nevada that all Gold and Premier teams from NorCal want to match up with.”

San Leandro Sporting United

Joining NorCal Premier Soccer from the East Bay is San Leandro Sporting United, the competitive arm of the San Leandro Youth Soccer League.

“It is an honor and a privilege to now be recognized as an official NorCal Premier club,” said San Leandro President Humberto Costa. “We are walking a testimony of unity, collaboration, and hard work that will pay off.”

“We are a family-oriented club that focuses in our local community to provide a program for the youth to develop sportsmanship and life skills,” Costa added. “We will continue to strive and hold a high standard of prestige in NorCal.”

Sheriffs Futbol Club

Lastly, NorCal Premier Soccer would like to welcome to the fold Sheriffs Futbol Club, a Bay Area-based nonprofit aimed towards providing disadvantaged youths free-of-cost play.

Founded just this past year as the competitive tier for the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League, Sheriffs FC partners with local law enforcement and after school programs to help give back to the community.

“We are excited to provide our Sheriffs FC players with the opportunity to play at the highest levels of youth soccer in Northern California,” said Sheriffs FC Director of Coaching Omar Cervantes. “NorCal Premier Soccer’s playing leagues and cups are well-organized and we are thankful to have the opportunity to compete in those events with other futbol-loving clubs that our members wouldn’t have the chance to play otherwise.”

“We are passionate about the development of youth players, both on and off the field, and we believe we can offer a truly unique environment and standard for players in our underserved community,” Cervantes added. “By joining NorCal Premier Soccer we are able to leverage their great work in all areas of club development to better help children in our community.”