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NorCal Welcomes 11 New Clubs to the Fold

NorCal Premier Soccer is proud to announce the additions of 10 new member clubs to begin play in the fall 2022 season, increasing the number of member clubs to nearly 275.

Joining NorCal Premier will be Aptos SC, Arden Park SC, Contra Costa Youth SC, Cruizers FC, FC Fresno Academy, Girls Leading Girls SOL, Greenhaven SC, Los Banos Valley SC, Scotts Valley/San Lorenzo SC, Santa Cruz Mid County Youth SC, and RIPMC FC.

“We are very excited to invite the new clubs into NorCal Premier Soccer for 2022,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer. “Over the years, our new club acceptance process has evolved into a vigorous review which sees many of the applicants not accepted. This year we welcome many established clubs with long histories who have decided to enter Norcal Premier Soccer.”

“Prior to acceptance, these clubs enter into an extensive application process which includes a peer review by NorCal’s New Club Committee, a club visit by a NorCal Premier soccer core staff member, interviews with their key leadership team — both on and off the field, and finally a presentation to the RAC of their area,” Ziemer added. “We would like to give a special thanks to the New Club Committee, which is comprised of volunteers nominated by the RAC who conduct reviews of player pool size, field availability, and the number of clubs in the area before making a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors, who then review every application and new club committee recommendation before voting to accept the clubs, on a one-year probationary basis, into NorCal Premier.

“We know club soccer is the primary vehicle to offer the world’s game and we are excited to see soccer clubs grow in Northern California,” Ziemer continued. “While some clubs have been around for years while participating in other organizations, others are new clubs formed in areas previously without club soccer in their communities. The recreational base of players, previously only playing a few months a year of organized soccer, offers an opportunity for all clubs, new and existing, to continue to grow their membership base if they so desire.

“As these new clubs enter into NorCal Premier Soccer, they will find their way into the club soccer pyramid,” Ziemer concluded. “Some have the vision of becoming a feeder club, promoting their players to the clubs striving to develop players into the higher levels of US Soccer, including national teams, professional teams, and college teams, while others might wish over the long haul to strive to become an NPL Club.

“We wish these clubs the best of luck as they enter into NorCal Premier Soccer.”

Check back Monday and Tuesday for a brief overview of each club.