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NorCal Super Rec League Launches for Fall 2021

NorCal Premier Soccer is excited to announce our newest event, the NorCal Super Rec League. In year one, the Super Rec League will take place in Region 6, bringing together recreational teams from NorCal clubs and other US Club partner recreational leagues. The goal is to provide balanced divisions with as little travel as possible in the U14, U16, and U19 age groups.

2021-22 NorCal Super Rec Information and Applications

NorCal Premier Soccer has long believed all levels of soccer must be healthy and vibrant for the entire soccer pyramid to thrive. We believe soccer clubs and leagues who provide grassroots and recreational levels of soccer, the entry level for most kids, should offer their members an enjoyable first step into soccer and be connected under the US Club Soccer umbrella. By playing soccer, more often, in a more enjoyable manner – we believe we will help keep kids playing soccer later in life. We are excited to partner with clubs and leagues who are doing so at this time.

Our goal is to create comprehensive recreational competitions for those clubs and leagues offering this to their membership, underneath the NorCal Premier Soccer structure.

Club Membership
The Super Rec League is available to all current NorCal Member Clubs with recreational soccer teams. Additionally, NorCal has created a new membership tier, NorCal Super Rec Club, to allow clubs that only offer recreational soccer to participate in NorCal.

NorCal Super Rec Membership Information

NorCal will provide a NorCal Super Rec League in Region 6. Clubs will enter the teams directly with NorCal Premier Soccer.

NorCal will also offer a NorCal Super Rec Cup for any U10-U19 recreational teams interested in participating in a postseason tournament. The tentative date for this event is November 6-7, 2021. More information will be released shortly.

More Information
For more information about the NorCal Super Rec League please reach out to Jason Drury at