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NorCal Super Rec League Expands to Region 2

Last weekend, for the first time ever, NorCal Premier Soccer’s Super Rec League kicked off in Region 2.

This expansion of play at the recreational level, which has already been instituted in Regions 3/4 and 6, represents the next step in NorCal’s goal to expand the opportunity for youth players to play the game in Northern California.

“NorCal Premier Soccer is delighted to announce the exciting expansion of its Super Rec program into Region 2 for the fall season,” said NorCal Premier Soccer Grassroots Development Manager Andrew Taylor. “What sets this expansion apart is the organic collaboration that made it happen.”

“Five like-minded clubs, driven by a shared commitment to enhancing the player experience came together with a common goal,” Taylor added. “Their collective effort demonstrates a genuine dedication to improving the soccer environment, guaranteeing that players can enjoy competitive play, regardless of their level.”

Region 2’s five Super Rec founding clubs are Almaden FC, Los Gatos United, OV Toros, Santa Clara Youth Soccer, and Sunnyvale Alliance.

“NorCal Premier remains committed to its mission of nurturing soccer at all levels, and the expansion into Region 2 is a testament to our ongoing efforts in this direction,” Taylor said. “We look forward to a successful and rewarding journey in Region 2, where the beautiful game will continue to win.”

For more information about NorCal Premier Soccer’s recreational programs, click here.