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NorCal Subsidized D License Course Proves a Success

One of NorCal Premier Soccer’s key philosophies is the idea that better coaches make better players, which is why the organization has begun hosting and subsidizing US Soccer Licence courses.

The latest of these to take place was completed earlier this month when a total of 48 candidates at two different venues earned their D Licenses.

“The US Soccer D License course is an important opportunity for our coaches in NorCal Premier Soccer,” said course coordinator Nick Lusson. “It’s a significant step up in terms of their commitment of time and effort on the coaching education ladder between the four-hour, in-person Grassroots Modules and the C License course, which is intended as a first step for those making a profession out of coaching.”

Hosted by Sacramento United and Santa Rosa United, the two courses featured one three-day weekend of instruction followed by a four week development period that included numerous assignments.

Lastly, the coaches reconvienned for a final two-day weekend. In all, coaches spent roughly 40 hours on the course, which included field and classroom sessions, individual and small group work, presentations, debates, and practical experience running a training session with feedback from the instructors.

Through its governing body, US Club Soccer, NorCal Premier has now offered four D License courses spread throughout the state in 2019, each of which has filled up all 24 spots quickly.

NorCal has provided a significant financial investment in these courses by subsidizing the costs and charging our NorCal Premier member coaches about one-third of the true course cost.

NorCal plans to continue ramping up the number of D License courses made available, as well as Grassroots Modules and the higher levels of C, B, and A Licenses in the coming years.