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NorCal State Cup Semifinals Preview: U17 Girls

5/12USA Stars
West Coast Wildfire
Arguably coming into the game as the underdogs, West Coast Soccer put the hammer down and scored just eight minutes into the game on a strike from Tatiana Elesa. But USA Stars Academy fought back and eventually took the lead behind goals from Mekaylla White and Lauren Helwig to retake the advantage. But just when it looked like West Coast was out of it, Kayla Grisham scored for West Coast to send the game to overtime where a winner couldn’t be decided. And on kicks from the mark, West Coast prevailed, sending the club to the final where they will face Marin FC in a tough matchup.
5/12Marin FC Blue
Cal Odyssey Red
Coming into the State Cup semifinals, Marin FC and California Odyssey were separated by just three points in the Champions League and had not yet met in NPL, meaning that both sides could test the waters against each other for league play in this high-stakes competition. And while this match was close, showing that either side could come away with a league title, Marin FC lived to fight another day in the cup, defeating the Odyssey thanks to a 27th minute goal from Grace Bouton. While Odyssey tried to get back into the game, the solitary strike from Bouton downed them to focus solely on league play.