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NorCal Premier Soccer launches eNorCal FIFA 20 Tournament Series

NorCal Premier Soccer is launching its first-ever esport tournament!

The goal for the esports competition is to provide opportunities for clubs to compete, and for NorCal players and families to represent their club in different ways, during the current coronavirus situation.

To be clear, esport is already on the way to becoming a Collegiate Sport. Scholarships and gaming-focused degrees are also becoming more common across the collegiate landscape. Most of the jobs that exist in the traditional soccer industry already do or will exist in esports. Most major professional teams have esport players already competing under their club banner. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that presents job opportunities both in competitive gaming and the industry itself.

Educational benefits are threefold with players gaining a better understanding of on-field components (formations, roles, spacing, and moves), developing a deeper connection to the game by learning about players and teams across the world and being exposed to a wide range of career opportunities in the rapidly growing esports industry.

Though there are benefits of playing soccer online such as learning about the world’s game, growing tactically and connecting with other kids, we also recognize that pitfalls exist. Children may spend too much time playing video games rather than playing soccer, studying or socializing. In addition, there exists a risk of a player being harassed or bullied.

Our goal, by providing a safe, club-based online soccer platform, is to create a safer environment for young players. Parental and club controls will ensure that every player is playing with parental permission and is identified as a member of a NorCal Premier Soccer member club.

We know many NorCal players and families are already playing the FIFA soccer franchise on either Xbox and Playstation gaming platforms. Our hope is they can enjoy something many of them are already doing – but on behalf of their soccer club.

Bring on your best player!!

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