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NorCal Premier Soccer Announces Veo as Official Video Partner

In continuing with the latest trends in developing technology in the soccer world, NorCal Premier Soccer announced a new partnership with the company Veo that will provide clubs with the ultimate video experience.

Veo never misses a moment, filming automatically with 4K lenses at 180 degrees and the partnership with the company will now empower coaches, players, and parents to have the opportunity to use this high-quality technology that is simple to use, upload, and share.

With tens of thousands of players playing every weekend in the region, Veo will now be able to help capture the unforgettable moments that occur within the beautiful game in Northern California.

“Video is very helpful in providing players an effective tool to improve their football,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer. “Our partnership with Veo passes savings to clubs allowing them to film games in a more cost effective, simple manner, while providing additional value to their club members. We encourage you to take a look at Veo for your video needs.

The partnership will see Veo used at all NorCal events and teams and clubs participating in NorCal Premier Soccer will receive a $200 discount on their camera when combining it with an annual subscription.

To learn more about Veo and this special deal, click here.