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Calendar Changes and Tryout Information

The NorCal Premier Soccer Board of Directors has announced changes to the 2017/18 NorCal Premier competition calendar. These changes represent the final phase of the US Soccer mandates that effect playing formats in younger ages and ensure that NorCal Premier competitions are fully in line with the US Soccer mandates.

The changes will mainly effect U8 through U12 competitions (2010-2006 birth years), where we will no longer be able to adjust the formats of competitions in the spring season. This will mean that all NorCal Premier competition formats will remain consistent from August through May of the seasonal year.

In addition, to promote stability of teams throughout the seasonal year (August through May), the NorCal Board of Directors has instituted a state-wide tryout window.

Please review the documents below, which provides details regarding the 2017/18 NorCal competition season, playing formats, as well as the tryout window.

NorCal 2017/18 Season Calendar Changes

Tryout Window Amendment (posted 10/30/17)