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NorCal Partners at the College Showcase

As with every NorCal College Showcase, putting on a top tier event requires more than just what NorCal Premier Soccer can provide.

That’s why NorCal would like to introduce and thank each of its partners who help make the event the best showcase in Northern California twice a year.

This year, NorCal will receive contributions from Admiral, Fine Designs, Gatorade, Impact Canopy, Scouting Zone, and Veo Camera.

As NorCal’s official apparel partner, Admiral will provide balls for each of the games.

Meanwhile, the Fine Designs booth will provide players with custom-made shirts, sweatshirts, and more featuring the event’s official logo as well as outfit the two squads for the first-ever Showcase All-Star games.

Gatorade will be on hand to take charge in player hydration and recovery with its popular sports drink and protein bars, while Impact Canopy creates all of the shade structures used to keep players and coaches out of whatever conditions may be present.

Scouting Zone, an online platform that helps coaches collect data and take notes on players, returns to the showcase again to help with the talent identification process.

“The ease of the technology that they bring to the event where we don’t have a 200 page binder that we handed to every coach – we’ve saved a few trees for sure, just the ease of being able to navigate through everything with the rosters right in front of them,” said NorCal Premier Soccer Vice President and co-founder Shawn Blakeman. “The old school coaches still take notes on paper, but this generation just hits voice dictation during the game and then goes back to their hotel room and all of their notes are logged.”

Lastly, Veo Camera will be on site to film the entirety of each game played at the showcase, allowing coaches to review footage and players to bolster their highlight reels.

“The kids now have content that they can put together, coaches that may or may not be at the showcase can now watch a game that they weren’t able to see,” Blakeman said. “Most importantly the kids are able to take clips and put them into their video libraries as they navigate through the recruitment process.”