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NorCal NPL Match Day #15 Recap

While NorCal Premier Soccer hosted its State Cup Round of 16 matches this past weekend, that didn't mean that NPL Champions League action shut down, as the season has just a few weeks left. And despite some teams playing in both the Cup and the Champions League, the action didn't disappoint, with several high quality games coming down to the wire yet again.
4/8Placer United
PSV Union
The top two sides of the U-14 table in Placer United (4-1-0) and PSV Union (4-1-0) wasn't decided until late, with a 65th minute Emma Schafer strike giving Placer all three points. Placer scored first, with a 25 yard blast from Schafer breaking the deadlock, before PSV equalized just one minute after the break, before Schafer's second strike put Placer level with PSV at the top of the table with just three matches remaining for each squad.
4/9Napa SA
SF Glens
Every now and then, we're reminded about just how important set pieces can be in deciding the outcome of matches at the highest level, which was exactly the case as the SF Glens (3-1-0) moved into a tie for second place in the table with a 1-0 victory over Napa Soccer Academy (3-2-0). For the Glens, it was a headed goal from James Daly off a corner from Liam O'Brian that made the difference in the match, with SF coming home with all three points thanks to the first half strike.